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A brand new mobile app! Get ready!!
Benefits that moves with you
Benefits that
with you.
Pay on the go, input your mileage, submit receipts in a snap, and review real-time transaction data at your fingertips.
Full Payments Suite
The Mobility Card streamlines on-the-go payments for exploring your mobility options. Link your personal card or generate a virtual IBAN to unlock ultimate convenience and flexibility.
Mobility hub
Discover and access hundreds of mobility options in one centralized hub. Whether it's bike-sharing, car allowances, or any other mobility service, it's just a tap away.
Expenses journal
Your financial journey laid out in one place. Easily monitor and manage your expenses with our comprehensive transaction history.
Mobility planner
Stay on top of your mobility schedule effortlessly. Use our calendar to add your bike, car allowances, and keep track of your work locations. It's your mobility planner.

Say goodbye to delays!

With Skipr Mobile, your transactions are processed 10 times faster than before. Whether you're making a payment, requesting a reimbursement, or accessing your expense history, it's all at your fingertips in an instant.
Up to
Faster expense history
Up to
Navigation speed
Up to
Faster request
Spend Anytime, Anywhere
Access your physical and virtual card details in the app. Pay with ease online or in person using your app or mobility card.
Submit expenses on the go
Simply add the merchant and amount, snap a picture of your receipt, and request a repayment in seconds.
Enjoy commuting allowances
Easily access allowances by adding commuting or business-related trips to your calendar. Whether you're cycling, even walking to the office, simply log your trips to receive your allowances automatically.
Keep spending in check
Access mobility programs in the app with pre-set controls. Plus, feel confident that your expenses will be accounted for and categorized based on the card limit.
Browse hundreds of mobility options
Access a comprehensive suite of mobility options categorized for convenience, with proximity-based selections and personalized route planning, all in one integrated app.
View everything in one place
Access all your essential information conveniently in one place. From your company policies and mobility benefits to your transaction history, effortlessly view how your spending is categorized across each program—all from the palm of your hand